Your mobile videos will look better when you use Nellymoser.    High-quality video is essential for a keeping an engaging mobile experience and for a positive image for your brand.    Customers are more interested when they see crisp pictures, clear sound, and mobile playback without stuttering − those starts and stops in the middle of a video.

Nellymoser delivers the high quality mobile video professionals need because we adapt and optimize the mobile video delivery for the type of device and the network in real-time. (Details on mobile video quality.)

Nellymoser mobile video campaigns can be simple or very complex, depending upon your needs.  Here are some of Nellymoser’s video capabilities:

  • Playback of a video in response to any action code.
  • Playback of a video followed by a survey, contest, or more information form.
  • Playback of a video followed by a product order form or mobile commerce site.
  • Playback of a video by clicking a button within a mobile web site.
  • Single playback of a video option so that a specific device can play the video only once.
  • Interactive shoppable video, coming soon.
  • Share a video via Facebook, Twitter, and email.  (A built-in video player allows the video to be played from within Facebook on a personal computer.)

Mobile Video Quality

To achieve the highest quality mobile video playback, Nellymoser begins by detecting in real-time the type of mobile device, the network, and the current connection speed each for each customer.

We use our proprietary, massive database of devices and networks that Nellymoser built over many years. We know the display type, screen resolution (and 200+ other phone attributes) and, network performance characteristics for more than 99% of all mobile phones currently in use.

Our large and rapidly expanding device and network database ensures high performance, predictable and consistent delivery of content to any mobile phone.

Video is a compelling, but particularly challenging application on mobile device. To meet the challenge, Nellymoser built a video delivery subsystem that is considered to be the industry leader for quality and speed.

Using our proprietary real-time algorithms, Nellymoser streams the highest possible video that the mobile phone and network can handle, but not more than the phone and network can handle.  The result is not only crisp video and great audio, but usually no stuttering that stops and starts videos delivered by other companies during playback.

Nellymoser video works on feature phones, smartphones, tablets, and any internet connected device with a browser.   Nellymoser works with Adobe Flash and HTML 5, but does not require Adobe Flash, HTML 5, or any kind of playback app.   We will produce stunning quality on the Apple iPhone, Android devices, the RIM BlackBerry, all Palm phones, and thousands of other phone models provided by LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Nokia.

Nellymoser will deliver your message to more people and in higher quality than anyone else.

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