Create a customizable, branded experience that enhances your magazine, catalog or retail environment. Exclusively from Nellymoser, the Mobile Companion App brings together advanced capabilities for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Android devices. Some of the capabilities include:

  • World’s First Universal Scanner: No matter what technology you or your advertisers use, the Nellymoser Mobile Companion App can give a unified branded experience. The universal scanner automatically detects and works with QR codes, Microsoft Tags, Digimarc watermarks and UPC codes. If the app does not recognize a code to scan, it automatically launches a camera so that the item can be photographed. For the first time, shoppers will not need to figure out which app to use to save and share products.
  • Fully Branded Environment: Provide direct access to your content and your sponsors’ content in an environment that promotes your brand. Provide exclusive content that can only be found via your Companion App.
  • Built-in HTML5 Browser: Provides an enhanced viewing experience with an optimized HTML 5 browser. Works with Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Android devices for a uniform experience. Supports connections to phone and tablet features, such as location, shaking and dialing.
  • Interactive Media Engine: Take advantage of advanced features including video and photo hot spots to launch content and commerce. Allow for post-roll effects.
  • Rapid Content Integration: A feed-based content delivery system can deliver featured promotions, sponsor advertisements and the latest editorial content. Create daily or hourly updates, if desired.
  • Unique Premium Analytics: As the only company that can measure activity from the initial scan through to delivery, the Nellymoser Companion App paovides advanced analytics from the initial scan to the final delivery. You can know about your complete campaign and sponsor-related activity.
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