Nellymoser created an extensive library of business logic to enable the fast development of even complex campaigns. While your campaign never needs to look like any other campaign, the business logic is extensively tested and reliable on a wide range of devices. Some of the capabilities include:

  • Sweepstakes: Everything needed for operate a legal sweepstakes in the United States is available from Nellymoser. Technically, the business logic includes branded welcome pages, data capture forms, mandatory check boxes for legal requirements, optional check boxes for opt-ins, rules pages, privacy pages, and thank you pages. If there are multiple ways of entering a sweepstakes, Nellymoser can also remember information entered into a form and automatically complete the next form.
  • Data Capture and Sign-Ups: Lead capture is key for any print-to-mobile campaign. Nellymoser has a complete set of forms and form logic with mandatory fields, check boxes and opt-in capabilities. Information can be delivered electronically to the client database.
  • Find a Store: The Nellymoser store locator works with the phone’s built-in GPS or location service to find the stores closest to the mobile user. If location data is not available, the user can enter the appropriate data. Nellymoser can list the stores and provide information to built-in mapping apps to make it easier for the reader.
  • Interactive Magazine or Catalog Pages: Photos can be the best way to show or demonstrate an item. Photos can also be used to replicate a page in the magazine, a catalog or a movie set. Nellymoser can hot spot the photo to create an app-like experience or to enable commerce by touching the item in the photo.
  • Social Sharing: Compound the reach and effectiveness of a mobile campaign by enabling the reader to share the video via Facebook, Twitter and email. Capabilities include a PC video player because mobile videos will not ordinarily play on a PC. Capabilities also include support for Facebook Like.
  • Mobile Commerce Connection: Nellymoser can integrate a mobile campaign with your e-commerce store and shopping cart.
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